Classes - 2018 festival

Morning Class  -  8:30-12:00
You will stay with the same instructor for the morning working on skills appropriate for your level.  (See the Skills Level Descriptions to select the appropriate level for your morning)

Level 1 - Judy House/Carol Crocker

New Players and Beginners (All Day)
This class will meet together all day in order to develop the skills needed to build a good foundation for playing the dulcimer. Topics to be covered in this class will include a brief history of the dulcimer, how to hold, strum, fret, tune, and care for your instrument. You will also learn how to read tab and be introduced to time and rhythm while learning to play a variety of songs in DAd.

Level 2 - Don Pedi

Beyond Beginner/Lower Intermediate (Morning Session - Only)
Learn how to play smoothly and with more confidence. We will explore more right and left hand technique, and start applying embellishments as well as exploring various rhythms and playing multiple styles up and down the fretboard.

Level 3 - Tull Glazener

Upper Intermediate (Morning Session - Only)
This class will focus primarily on skill development appropriate for level 3 players. We will work on strumming/picking hand technique that will smooth out one’s playing in different tempos and rhythms. We will also work on using various chord positions, making chord changes, and playing more creatively.

Level 4 - Carol Walker

Advanced (Morning Session - Only)
This level is for the more experienced player who is comfortable playing various rhythms and tempos, and applying dynamics for better expression to your music.  In this level, you will focus on musicality, rearranging basic tunes, exploring a wide variety of music styles and genres, efficient and consistent fingering, and playing in different keys while tuned to DAd.  You are also ready to learn performance skills, memorization techniques, and ornamentation tips, tricks, and twists. Various familiar tunes will be used to address and reinforce the skills listed above.


1:30 - 3:00 Sessions:

Level 1 - Judy House/Carol Crocker
New Players and Beginners (All Day)
A continuation from the morning.

Level 2 - Carol Walker
Baby Steps to Fingerpicking (DAd Tuning)
As a new player back in the early days of my dulcimer exploration, I started looking for other ways to play the instrument beyond the strumming methods I’d been learning.  We’ll also include a bit of “jam etiquette”, for extra sweetness! 90 minutes.

Level 3 - Don Pedi
Dulcimer Tunings Workshop
This workshop explores many tunings for the dulcimer. Learn how to choose the best tuning for the piece being played, how to change the key, different modes, etc. Capos will not be used.

Level 4 - Tull Glazener
Using the Moving Bass Line
Describe one tool that can be used to enhance solo arrangements, and learn a number of tunes that incorporate this technique.

3:30-5:00 Sessions:

Level 1 - Judy House/Carol Crocker
New Players and Beginners (All Day)
A continuation from the morning.

Level 2 - Tull Glazener
Introduction to Flat-picking
Learn how the technique of flat-picking can be used as an effective back-up technique, and also as a means of playing the melody “across the fretboard”.

Level 3 - Carol Walker
Making a Song Your Own

We’ll start from scratch and build the basic tune, gradually adding layers of primary and secondary chords and other harmonic structures; next, we’ll try different right-hand strums and pickings, we’ll move the melody to other strings or higher frets, and add countermelodies and fillers; and finally, we’ll polish it up with turnarounds and codas, and perhaps a key change midway, resulting in a bona fide professional arrangement suitable for performance and publication.

Level 4 - Don Pedi
Folk Songs for Dulcimer
A selection of songs from traditional and more contemporary sources using melody-drone and chord-melody style arrangements.