Classes - 2019 festival

Morning Class  -  8:30-12:00
You will stay with the same instructor for the morning working on skills appropriate for your level.  (See the Skills Level Descriptions to select the appropriate level for your morning)

Level 1 - Judy House/Carol Crocker

New Players and Beginners (All Day)
This class will meet together all day in order to develop the skills needed to build a good foundation for playing the dulcimer. Topics to be covered in this class will include a brief history of the dulcimer, how to hold, strum, fret, tune, and care for your instrument. You will also learn how to read tab and be introduced to time and rhythm while learning to play a variety of songs in DAd.

Level 2 - Melanie Johnston

Beyond Beginner/Lower Intermediate (Morning Session - Only)
Learn how to play smoothly and with more confidence. We will explore more right and left hand technique, and start applying embellishments as well as exploring various rhythms and playing multiple styles up and down the fretboard.

Level 3 - Lorinda Jones

Upper Intermediate (Morning Session - Only)
This class will focus primarily on skill development appropriate for level 3 players. We will work on strumming/picking hand technique that will smooth out one’s playing in different tempos and rhythms. We will also work on using various chord positions, making chord changes, and playing more creatively.

Level 4 - Aaron O'Rourke

Advanced (Morning Session - Only)
Old Tunes New Ways  
Are you bored of playing Bile ‘em Cabbage Down? What about Old Joe Clark or Liza Jane? Well, you shouldn’t be! There are tricks to keep any tune exciting no matter how simple it is or how many times you’ve played it. In this class, we’ll play through a few common dulcimer tunes that you probably already know but arranged in ways that will make them new to your ears and your fingers. (DAd tuning)


1:30 - 3:00 Sessions:

Level 1 - Judy House/Carol Crocker
New Players and Beginners (All Day)
A continuation from the morning.

Level 2 - Aaron O'Rourke
Left Hand Exercises
Left hand technique is far from being “one size fits all” on the mountain dulcimer. In this class, we’ll cover a few general approaches to left hand technique and some exercises anyone can do to reinforce a relaxed fretting hand to make playing tunes easier. (DAd tuning)

Level 3 - Melanie Johnston
Smooth As Silk
When you listen to yourself play your dulcimer, does it sound more like a typewriter than a musical instrument? Do you hear unpleasant buzzes? Do your airs sound more like marches? There are actually several things that can make your playing sound less than melodic. Let’s analyze and fix things so your playing is as smooth and luscious as silk.

Level 4 - Lorinda Jones
Ornamentation in Celtic Music
Learn, review, and apply hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides to selected Celtic tunes.

3:30-5:00 Sessions:

Level 1 - Judy House/Carol Crocker
New Players and Beginners (All Day)
A continuation from the morning.

Level 2 - Lorinda Jones
Modes, Capos, and Drones. Oh My!
Learn an easy method of playing different modes by using the capo and the drone strings!

Level 3 - Aaron O'Rourke
Scottish Lute Music
In this class, we’ll work through a handful of beautiful melodies taken from 17th century lute manuscripts found in Scotland. (DAd tuning - Bring a capo)

Level 4 - Melanie Johnston
Put These in Your Pipe & Smoke ‘Em!
Hornpipes have their own special rhythm. It is something you need to know because the rhythm is not usually written into the music. Too many people think these tunes are 4/4 reels. Not so! Come learn what a hornpipe is, and how to play some.